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The Analytical Service Laboratory (ASL) is the central analytical laboratory in IRRI. It is the first  ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in IRRI whose  certificate of accreditation was awarded by the Philippine Accreditation Office (PAO) on November 23, 2010.

ASL provides a wide range of analytical services in support of plant and soil researches conducted by IRRI scientists. It also has facilities for handling and analysis of radioisotope-labelled compounds, as well as, for sample preparation.

ASL consists of three sub laboratories: the Plant and Soil Laboratory (PSL), the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (MSL), and the Radioisotope Laboratory (RIL). The laboratories are housed on the third floor of Kenzo Hemmi Building.

The ASL is administratively under the Grain Quality and Nutrition Center Division effective February 2011.


Provide high quality, timely, reliable, and cost-effective routine and special analytical services in support of IRRI research programs through the use of skilled staff, modern equipment and appropriate method of analysis.


  • Provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective routine plant, soil and water analytical tests;

  • Develop standardize procedures/ techniques in order to make all IRRI analytical results comparable;

  • Provide facilities for sample preparation to IRRI research programs;

  • Develop new and improved methods of analysis.

      Soil Analysis
      Plant Analysis
      Water/Solution Analysis
      Non-Standard Analysis
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